Nation-wide Government Complaint Submission Portal On Microsoft Azure

Customer Profile: Health Care Provider

Client Expectations:
1. The portal will be accessed by lots users at the same time
2. The portal should always be up and running and minimal downtime during updates/changes
3. The portal should be highly secure
4. Data input by the user should be stored in a secure place
5. Complaints should be processed internally by a team through an easy to user interface

High Level Architecture

Project Duration: 5 Months
Team Size: 8

How did we use azure to implement the solution?

1. We have deployed our solution (total of 3 web apps) in an internal app service environment, and this will ensure the best security on the app services
2. We have configure auto scaling so that the app service instance count will increase based on the load
3. We have used SQL Azure Database to store the info added by the user
4. Used application insights to monitor the solution
5. Used key vaults to secure connection strings
6. We have integrated with Microsoft Dynamic 365 to store/process/solve complaints
7. We have integrated with SharePoint online to store the complaints attachments